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Green tea supplements are flooded in the market. In fact you should be lucky if you have chosen the right one. Awareness about this tea is increasing. But reliable and genuine information on this is scarce. So long as it is considered as a drink like coffee, it is another beverage drink. But it has now become a niche product. Everyone wants to bounce on it to take a pie. In that process unreliable and unsubstantiated data corrupts the whole system. The result is compounding the confusion. The ultimate loser is you and I as a consumer.

The diet supplement will help you lose weight faster. You can drink green tea or Oolong tea daily. They are both scientifically proven to lose weight. Oolong tea is better than green tea if you want to lose weight. Preparing tea takes a lot of time, if you don't have too much time you can green tea weight loss plan Green Tea Brand In India or oolong tea pills.